Push2Run Example Cards

  Welcome to the Push2Run Example cards page.

Here you will be able to download example Push2Run cards.

To download a card, single click on its image below.

Once the card has been downloaded, just drag and drop it into the Push2Run main window to have the card appear on your screen.

After that, you may make any changes you like, and then click 'OK' to save the card.
Play a song
Example usage: OK Google tell my computer to play Metropolitan Life by BB Gabor

Uses the website duckduckgo.com - no additional software is required
Print my shopping list
Example usage:  OK Google tell my computer to print my shopping list

Uses the script file "Print shopping list.vbs" that is installed with Push2Run

Please note, you must first sign on to your Google account using Internet Explorer.  You should only need to do this once (unless you change the Google account or password associated with your shopping list0.
Restart, hibernate or shutdown your computer
Example usage: OK Google tell my computer to restart

Uses a built in Windows program called shutdown.exe.

Some other parameters that can be used:
   to hibernate your computer:     /h
   to shutdown your computer:     /s /t 10 /c "requested by home automation"

for more information:
   press the Windows and 'R' keys at the same time,
   enter "cmd" (without the quotes), and
   enter "shutdown /?" (without the quotes)
Search for pictures
Example usage: OK Google tell my computer to search for pictures of bunny rabbits

Uses google.com image search
Set computer's volume (master sound volume level)
Example usage: OK Google tell my computer to set its volume to 25 percent

Uses SetVol.exe
SetVol.exe is freeware and can be dowloaded from www.rlatour.com/setvol
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