Push2Run Fix for password prompt on initial setup

When Push2run is first installed and run you should not be prompted for a password.

However, on some systems this does happens.  Why that is I am still not sure, but when I figure it out I will upgrade the program with a fix for it.

Until then here is a quick fix for the problem:

First, please ensure Push2Run is not running on your PC.

Next, please delete the files which have a name starting with Push2Run as found in the folder:      C:\users\your windows id\AppData\Local\Rob_Latour

and also delete the files found in:

C:\users\your windows id\AppData\Roaming\Push2Run

Please note the folder C:\users\your windows id\AppData\ is on your machine, its just in a directory Windows choses to hide.  To access it just copy  C:\users\your windows id\AppData\ into the address bar of MS File Explorer. 
Once these files have been deleted you should be able to start the program just fine and as the program starts it will automatically recreate the files that you just deleted.

Also, after that you can add a password if you like. However, you will no longer be prompt for a password, until you’ve added one.

For those impacted by this bug, I sincerely apologize for the problem.  I appreciate it is an awful introduction to the program, and I will work to resolve it as soon as I can.

Beyond that, I hope the program will be of good use to you.

Best Regards,

Rob Latour
  info@push2run.com   Copyright 2018 Rob Latour.
All Rights Reserved.
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