Push2Run Setup

  Welcome to the Push2Run version 2.0 Setup page.

This page explains how to setup Push2Run and control your Windows computer using a Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max, or smart phone running Google Assistant), IFTTT, Pushbullet and Push2Run.

       You can also additionally set up Push2Run to work with Cortana - in fact the set up instructions are the exact same as those below, except: you don't need a Google Assistant, in step 11 rather than creating the IFTTT applet to work with your Google Assistant you set it up to work with Cortana, and in step 12 you select the option to 'Say a phrase with text'.

Using Push2Run with Cortana gives you finer control over what your computer does when it hears you speak.

The great part of this is that you can set up to use either or both your Google Assistant or Cortana and then use the one that suits you the best.

The example below shows you how to open the Windows calculator on your PC or laptop (however, you can click here to find out how to run any program, batch or script file, open a file or website, restart or shutdown your computer, etc.):
What you will need, a:

  1. Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max, or smart phone running Google Assistant

2. Windows PC or laptop

3. (free) account with PushBullet

4. (free) copy of Push2Run

5. (free) account with IFTTT

What to do:

Now comes the part that's kind of like Mousetrap, here is how it all fits together ...

1. Go to the Pushbullet website and sign on to your account,
2. Click on 'Settings' in the left navigation bar,
3. Click on 'Account' to the top left of the left navigation bar,
4. Click on 'Create Access Token', and a box will appear containing your Pushbullet Access Token,
5. Copy your Pushbullet Access Token into your Windows clipboard
(i.e. select your Access Token with your mouse, right click, and select 'copy'),
6. Install and run Push2Run on your PC or Laptop,
Note: when Push2Run is first run you should be prompted for your Pushbullet Access Token (as covered by step 7 below).  However, you should not be prompted for a password. If however you are prompted for a password, then please click here
7. On the Push2Run Options window, in the Pushbullet settings,

paste (i.e. right click and select 'Paste') your Pushbullet Access Token from your Windows Clipboard into the field named 'Pushbullet Access Token',

copy what it says in the 'Title filter' field into your Windows clipboard, and

click 'OK',
  Push2Run Pushbullet Options window  
8. Sign onto IFTTT, click on your user id, then "Settings" and link to your Google account,
9.  In IFTTT click on your user id, and then "New Applet",
10.  On the IFTTT New Applet window, click on the "+ this" in the "if + this then that",
11. In the search for services, search for "Google Assistant" and select it,
12. Select "Say a phrase with a text ingredient",
13. Complete the form as follows:
instructions - 1
14  Click on "Create trigger",
15. Click on "then that" in the "if + this then that",
16. Click on Pushbullet,
17. Click on 'Push a note',
Complete the IFTTT-Pushbullet 'Push a note', pasting the words you copied into your clipboard in step seven above, into the 'Title' field:
instructions - 2

  Please note:

On the Push a note window, under where it says 'Message' you should see the words 'TextField' as shown in the screenshot above. 

If you see this great, you can move on to step 19 below.

If however you don't see the words 'TextField' this then please press the 'Add ingredient' button under the box under where it says 'Message' (a button entitled to 'Add ingredient' shows up twice in the Push a note window, so be sure to click the one under the box under where it says 'Message').

Once you have done that, please click on the 'TextField' selection.
19. Click on "Create action",
20. Click "Finish",
21. Give it a try by saying to your Google Assistant
"OK Google tell my computer to open the calculator".
For additional help

Please see the Push2Run Help webpage.
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